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If you're looking for a way to advertise your aircraft or aviation service, Plane Fax has the services you need. Since our inception in 1989, we've worked hard to connect dealers and brokers worldwide and are now a leading provider of aviation advertising.

Dealer Exclusive Services

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Daily Edition

The Plane Fax Daily Edition is sent to thousands of aviation professionals every day. It conveniently and compactly lists aircraft for sale, wanted ads, aviation services, and more. The Plane Fax Daily Edition is emailed exclusively to dealers and brokers. It is a one-stop shop for classified aviation listings and advertisements.

$19.95/per month + 2 FREE Line Ads


Public Aviation Marketing Options

Line Ads

Ad Discount

Line ads are placed in the Plane Fax Daily Edition and immediately emailed to Plane Fax Live subscribers.

They are a cost-effective way to present your aircraft or service to thousands of industry professionals. To get started, sign up now and create an ad online, hassle-free.

$20/Line Ad, Per Placement.

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Our FlyBy service is similar to our Broadcast Email Campaigns but they are sent to the retail sector of the aviation community. This list includes aircraft owners, aviation businesses, FBOs and just about anyone related to the aviation industry. That means whatever your standing in the aviation industry, you can receive the leading aviation marketing from Plane Fax.

Our experienced designers create custom flyers for your aircraft or aviation related product based on industry-standard designs. After we receive your approval, we blast your flyer to our extensive mailing list.

Starts at $149

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