For Sale: 2022 Cessna Citation M2

Jet Aircraft

Price: Call for Pricing
Country United States of America
Location Guilford, Connecticut
Serial # 525-1107
Registration # N527M

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2022 Model 

US Based

Polar Interior Scheme

Synthetic Vision Technology

Avance L3 Max

Extended Baggage

Manufacturer CESSNA
Year 2022
Total Time 84 Hours
Landings 65

Detailed Information







ENGINES: (2) FJ44-1AP-21


Interior Details

The Citation M2 cabin is configured with a single side facing seat opposite the entry, followed by a 4-place club set aft belted lavatory as standard.

Exterior Details

Overall Base White with a Standard Stripe Scheme


AVIONICS: Garmin 3000

Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) with three 14.1 Garmin GDU 1400W touchscreen displays.

Primary Flight Display (PFD)

Multi-Function Display (MFD) – Primary shows moving map and engine data.

Secondary Controller – GCU 275, controls PFD for map panning, ranging and other flight planning functions.

Engine Indicating (EIS) and Crew Alerting System (CAS)

Air Data and Attitude information – from pitot-static system with two electrically heated pitot and static sources.

Dual VHF Communications Transceivers: 16 watts of transmission power, tuned with GTC 570

Remote Audio Processor: Dual GMA 36 Remote Audio Processors

Navigation: Dual Garmin navigation receivers

Global Positioning System (GPS): Interface Adapter Unit includes a WAAS capable GPS receiver Capable of monitoring 12 channels

Flight Management System (FMS): Two GTC 570 with 5.7 inch display. Meets the operational requirements of oceanic/remote, NAT MNPS, RNP10 and RNP5/BRNAV

Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) or Autopilot: Garmin GFC 700 with Garmin Mode Controller GMC 710

Transponders with ADS-B Out Capability: Dual Mode S transponders with Automatic Dependent

Surveillance - Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) transmission capability in accordance with FAA TSO-166B

Weather Radar: Garmin GWX 70 solid state radar with 40 watts transmit power and Altitude Compensated Tilt (ACT).

Chart View: Approach, SID, STAR charts and airport diagrams provided on displays.

DME: Collins DME-4000 (non Garmin component).

Radio Altimeter: Collins ALT-4000 (from 2,500 feet to touchdown).

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS I): Garmin GTS 855

Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS): Garmin Terrain Avoidance Warning System Class B TAWS

Avionics Dispatch Switch: Allows for limited use of the avionics system without excessive battery drain.

Electronic Standby Instrument: L-3 Communications ESI-1000 Trilogy solid-state 3.7 inch LCD display located above pilot's PFD.

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT): Artex C406-N with 121.5 and 243.0 MHz and the satellite frequency of 406 MHz, interfaces with the GIA. Remote control switch panel on the right hand tilt panel. ELT has a six year lithium battery pack.

Maintenance Diagnostics system: allows for easier troubleshooting of the aircraft. Data is stored for the last 25+ flight hours on the aircraft. Uses Cessna Aircraft Recording System (AreS).



Avance L3 Max