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1973 Cessna 210L
S/N 21060051    N59051

Report Created: 08/23/2007

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Current Owner: Aero Scrap and Salvage
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NTSB Identification: DFW06CA016.
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14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Wednesday, October 26, 2005 in BAKER, LA
Probable Cause Approval Date: 7/25/2007
Aircraft: Cessna 210L, registration: N59051
Injuries: 1 Uninjured.
The 794-hour private pilot made an uneventful emergency landing on a public highway following a reported loss of engine power due to fuel starvation. Several attempts were made by the pilot to have the aircraft placed on a flatbed trailer and recovered to a suitable airport; however, the width of the trailers available for recovery was too narrow to accommodate the airplane’s main landing gear. After several failed attempts to recover the airplane by ground, the pilot elected to fill the fuel tanks with 15 gallons of fuel and, after coordination with local law enforcement, attempt to takeoff from the private highway. Vehicular traffic was stopped in preparation of the airplane’s takeoff from the highway. During the takeoff roll from the highway, the airplane’s right wing collided with a side mirror of an 18-wheel truck and then struck the rear of an emergency vehicle. The collision with the vehicles made the airplane turn sharply to the right into a ditch, subsequently impacting trees.
The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:The pilot’s failure to maintain clearance during takeoff roll.

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There are no Incidents for this aircraft.

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Please verify with entries made in log books, and last annual AD record
2002-07-01 05/13/2002 Horizontal Stabilizer Attachment Reinforcement Brackets
2000-06-01 05/05/2000 Fuel Strainer Assembly
97-01-13 02/03/1997 Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Hoses
94-12-08 07/22/1994 Flight Manual Revision
87-20-03 R2 09/24/1990 Seat Tracks
86-24-07 01/07/1987 Engine Controls Installation
86-19-11 10/04/1986 Contaminated Fuel
85-10-02 06/20/1985 Engine Induction Airbox
85-02-07 03/06/1985 Fuel Selector
82-06-10 04/15/1982 Vacuum-Driven-Attitude Instruments
80-21-03 10/23/1980 Roll Axis Flight Control
79-19-06 09/17/1979 Fuel Flow System Per STC SA3835WE
77-12-08 06/27/1977 External Electrical Ground Power Receptacle
76-04-03 02/26/1976 ARC PA-500A Actuators

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FAA records shows No SD Report

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This aircraft has always been registered as N59051.

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Current Owner:
Registered Owner
Name Aero Scrap and Salvage
Street 531 W Laurel Ave
City Eunice State OK Zip Code 60535
County St. Landry

Previous Owners:
12 previous owners found for this aircraft
Frank Tschannel dba FT Aircraft Sales —  Dekalb, ILRobert J. Cecka– Ft. Lauderdale, FLTerry G. Mumford– Atlanta, GA

Robert E. Snapp– Savannah, GA

Roger L. Williamson–Amherst, OH

Kenneth W. and Helen L. Holt– Amarillo, TX

The Airmen, Inc., a Missouri Corporation– St. Louis, MO

The Airmen, Inc., an Oklahoma Corporation– Mustang, OK

Air First Corp.– Grand Junction, CO

Arkansas Aero, Inc.–Little Rock, AR

Southwestern Group Investors– Jonesboro, AR

Arkansas Aero, Inc.–Little Rock, AR

Southaire, Inc.–Baton Rouge, LA

The Cessna Aircraft Company (Factory New)

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FAA records show the aircraft was never foreign registered

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Aircraft was deregistered on March 13, 2007 because it was totally destroyed or scrapped at the request of Michael Simon.

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