What is a Plane Fax Report?

A Plane Fax Report is a review and summary of FAA and NTSB records for any/all U.S. Civil Registered Aircraft history since factory new. The main highlights are it checks for any accidents or incidents on the current N number as well as all previous known N numbers (aircraft N numbers can be changed through out the airplanes operational life). It also is a review of aircraft ownership that can tell whether or not an Aircraft has been registered outside of the United States and current and all past owners. The other main advantage of a Plane Fax Report is access to all FAA Form 337’s pertaining to repairs on an aircraft. We summarize any and all FAA 337 repairs filed on the aircraft. With a Plane Fax Report you receive the entire FAA file on the aircraft in a link to a PDF format.

What are FAA Files?

Every airplane in the United States has a permanent record that lives with the plane. All legal documents, copies of bills of sale, registrations, and mechanical repairs are included here. The FAA archives this information and has records that go as far back into the 1950’s. It even includes the airplanes “Birth Certificate” of when it obtained it’s original certificate of airworthiness. The unique thing is you can track “dad’s old airplane” from owner to owner and find out what happened and who now own’s it. There are several interesting things to view in the FAA files, which are included free with your Title Search and Plane Fax Report. Spend some time and explore the history of these wonderful airplanes.

What is a Title Search?

A Title Search is a detailed review of the financial status of an airplane, and examines the legal ownership of a plane. In a title search one will discover if there are any open liens or encumbrances on an airplane. Often times liens go unnoticed for years and only discovered at time of sale– that is IF you did a title search. Don’t make the sophisticated mistake of thinking you know a lot about an airplane. There could have been clouds on the title
when you bought it that the previous owner never took care of. At an additional fee of $350 per Lien we can clear your title of old liens
that may stand in the way of a successful sale of your airplane! A title search prevents you from making the costly mistake of buying an airplane only to find out you just assumed the tax debt of a previous owner. It’s almost mandatory, even on slightly used airplane. Quick story of a 2007 factory new airplane. It went from the factory to the dealer, dealer had liens placed on it by their banker, dealer sold the factory new airplane to it’s first owner, who like many would assume that a brand new airplane would be free and clear of any title issues– wrong–. Only when the customer went to sell his airplane in 2009 did he discover that there was still an open lien on his airplane by the dealers bank

What is a 337? (FAA Form 337)

A 337 is a form used by aircraft mechanics/repair stations to return an aircraft, power plant, or appliance back to service after a Major Repair or Alteration. This is helpful to the aircraft buyer in that you will know if there has been any Major Repairs reported to the FAA that the current owner either doesn’t know about or did not have a record of. An example of a 337 Major Repair would be re-skinning major structural items on the airframe or a doubler for corrosion or cracking. An example of an Alteration would be replacing an older radio with a newer unit.

What is an AD? (Airworthiness Directive)

An Airworthiness Directive is a mandatory service item issued by the FAA to correct unsafe conditions with an aircraft. Due to the variations and complexities of whether or not an AD applies, Plane Fax Reports shows all AD’s on record for your particular Airframe only! You will still need to verify with log books and a competent licensed mechanic to determine any that apply to your specific aircraft.

Why does an Aircraft have a different N numbers?

It is not uncommon for a plane to have its registration changed to suit a new owner. Some might want to reflect their initials, alma mater, or type of aircraft. Whatever the reason, it is important to have Plane Fax Reports provide you with ALL the previous N numbers and dates they were on the aircraft so we can perform Accident /incident and NTSB searches on these previous
registrations. An earlier N number might reflect old damage history
which you will not know of if you search using only the current

How do I know if my plane has ever been out of the country?

Plane Fax Reports examines your aircrafts history with experienced researchers who can spot export and import Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A’s). On top of that, we can provide on request verification of what country your  airplane went to through export documentation.

Accuracy is important to me, how do I know this information applies to my aircraft?

The information contained in the Plane Fax Report allows the reader to verify everything themselves. We encourage you to check the FAA Record, included in your Plane Fax Report, to see all documents ever filed with the FAA. The FAA file is an incredible document which will show you the legal current owners, shows if any liens or encumbrances are on the aircraft, shows the address’s and sometimes a phone number of previous owners. There is an immense amount of information provided. The Plane Fax Report brings it all together in one easy convenient way to understand, without the technical jargon.