Aircraft escrow services for my airplane Aircraft title services for my airplane International Registry Services for my airplane Pricing for Aircraft Title, Aircraft Escrow and Aircraft International Registry Services Forms for purchasing used aircraft

Pricing for Aircraft Escrow, Aircraft Title, and International Registry Services



Title Searches    
  FAA Title Search (airframe or light plane) $89
  Engine Title Search FAA $99*
  Rush Service $25
  *Larger aircraft + extensive files subject to additional fee or charge  
  IR Airframe Searches** $110
  IR Engine Searches** $110
  **Includes IR Fees  
Other Services    

Plane Fax Report
Includes 337's, list of previous owners, accident-incident search, import-export history, airframe AD search, service difficulty reports, current owners contact information, complete FAA file

  FAA PDF Files $19
  Title, PDF, PFR Rush $25
  Aircraft Re-Registration (FAA) $45
  Aircraft Document Filing $45
  N Number reservation / Assign $50
  Lien Clearing (per item) $100 & Up
  IR Filing $250
  New IR User Setup $600
Escrow Fees    
  Escrows include Title Search and Plane Fax Report  
  $99,000 or less $500
  $100K + Call

"Plane Fax Escrow, Inc. an Oklahoma corporation, not all services available in California"


Light Aircraft (Best Value) Save over $45!
Includes Plane Fax Report ($99), FAA Files ($19), FAA Title Search ($89) list of previous owners, Import/Export History, 337s, Service Difficulty Reports, Accident/Incident Search.




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